Expose yourself to a variety of cultures

The Figure 8 knot became our logo as a result of the work we did on ropes courses with high school kids where the knot was used to ensure the safety of everyone who climbed high into the trees. It represents how we approach our work: with a sense of fun and adventure, open to possibilities, always knowing that there is more to be learned, and believing that that the greatest journey is the one we take into learning about ourselves.

We work with government agencies, non-profits, school districts, health care organizations, and many other types of businesses and organizations to help people understand one another better, improve relationships, and provide better service, always looking through the lens of culture.


Changing demographics have challenged every public agency to strategize ways to deliver the best possible service to those who are in need.

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Health Care

A primary focus of all health care organizations is the reduction of health disparities. While there are several causes, changing demographics have challenged organizations to adapt more flexibly to patients as well as increasing diversity among their employees.

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